Key Game Developers Conferences
The search for high-quality events in the gaming industry can be pretty labor-intensive. Analyzing companies that will be at any given event, dealing with logistics, time costs, preparing marketing materials, and the eternal question "will this pay off?" can take up the entire department's time and energy at the initial stage of deciding where the team should go.

We put together a handy list of 30 B2B events for gaming industry professionals with a short description of each.

GameDaily Connect (the rebranded Casual Connect) — August 27-29, Los Angeles

A conference for gaming industry professionals. A huge number of indie developers and various service providers attend CC every year. Other companies whose representatives you'll see at the conference include Epic Games, KamaGames, Amazon, AppLovin, G5, Kwalee, and others. It's worth the trip if you're a publisher looking for interesting new projects. On average, Casual Connect events attract around 1000-2000 attendees.

External Development Summit — September 4-6, Vancouver

A conference for gaming companies and outsourcers. This event is generally attended by bizdev professionals and producers from companies like King, Sega, Disney, Ubisoft, Blizzard, Amazon, and others.

Topics of discussion here include animation, art, sound, localization, and QA.

The organizers promise that more than 600 professionals from all around the world will be attending this conference for high-quality networking and content.
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